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During Moonpepper’s development the talkhaus community came up with a new module for the Super Mario Bros. X engine called LunaLua, which allowed developers to manipulate the game’s memory at runtime via Lua code. Wanting to try my hand at something ambitious, I made a level that utilized LunaLua for a simple cutscene and a boss battle. Over time this side project evolved into an extensive library that allows users to exert a previously unheard-of level of control over NPCs via coroutines and a robust wrapper class, with development eventually branching off into the production of several offshoot libraries that further extend the capabilities of SMBX in other areas.

With the advent of Wohlstand’s Platform Game Engine, which will eventually serve as a full replacement for SMBX complete with LunaLua support, I dropped development on Moonpepper for foreseeable future to focus on cinematX and its’ offshoots, collectively dubbed the cinematX Suite. The different libraries that make up the suite are seeing use in notable talkhaus and SMBX community projects such as the second Make a Good Level Contest X, A2XT Episode 2 and the Megaluavania library; even so, there is still much to be done. You can check out the links above to get the suite and follow along with the project’s development.

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